It doesn’t matter whether you live alone, have kids running around or even pets, either way, your furniture is getting its fair share of action. Did you know that up to 80% of all the dirt brought into your home could end up in your furniture and carpets? Dust, germs and crumbs; it’s all there.

With Good Guy Carpet Cleaning, it doesn’t have to be that way. We provide deep upholstery cleaning services to ensure your furniture is spick and span. Our team of professionals uses materials that are perfectly safe for pets and children while turning your furniture back in time.

With high-tech equipment for commercial and residential use, we combat even the toughest of stains and the most worn-out furniture without damaging your belongings in the process. Our upholstery cleaning equipment paired with our professional team will ensure that your furniture is as handsome and fresh as it once was.

A Truly Green Clean

If you’re worried about the use of harsh chemicals on your precious furniture, or worried about your children or pets, or worse, licking the products, then you can rest assured that we only use eco-friendly and green-certified products. With Good Guy Carpet Cleaning at your service, your carpets will experience an organic and safe cleaning process, suitable for the whole family.


The Cleaning Process

Step 1 – One of our technicians will perform a pre-inspection and test your fabrics, noting any materials that could possibly color-bleed to understand the type of cleaning technique that’ll be used.

Step 2 – The area surrounding your upholstery will undergo preparation – to protect the surrounding furniture, floors and walls during the cleaning process.

Step 3 – Textiles will be pre-vacuumed before the deep clean in order to remove any surface soils and loose particles.

Step 4 – Depending on the fabric and the furniture’s condition, a pre-treatment will be initiated.

Step 5 – The upholstery fabric will be pre-groomed using special soft brushed to loosen any soil or particles.

Step 6 – Soil rinsing and extraction.

Step 7 – The fabric is then pH-balanced (neutralized) to give it that soft to the touch feel.

Step 8 – The upholstery fabric will be prepped for drying with a final gentle comb.

Finally – our post-cleaning inspection technician will give your upholstery a once over to make sure that all of your expectations have been met, and hopefully, exceeded.

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