Rugs are what gives your house that warm, homely feel. Here at Good Guy Carpet Cleaning, we live and breathe rugs. After categorizing the type of rug you have (depending on color-fastness, thickness, age and type), we treat each and every one individually. We make sure to customize the process to your unique rug, noting down any areas that need an extra pre-treatment (for those tough stains and soiled areas) and ensure thorough cleaning without the loss of color.

If we notice that the colors of your rug are likely to bleed, we will specialize the treatment method and use extraction or dry cleaning so as not to damage the rug.

The Rug Cleaning Process

Keep in mind that each rug’s treatment will vary depending on the type and treatment needed. Some may need to be specially cleaned off-site – where we offer free pick-up and delivery.

The general process is as follows:

Step 1: The rug is inspected – cleaning method is devised.

Step 2: Embedded dirt and debris is removed through dusting process and heavy-duty vacuum equipment.

Step 3: Heated pre-treatment and an organic solution is used to remove stains.

Step 4: Each and every thread along the edge of the rug is gently hand-cleaned.

Step 5: Steam cleaning and rinsing phase involves another organic solution to thoroughly clean the rug, back to front.

Step 6: A specialized hand tool is used to restore the texture and feel.

Step 7: The rug is properly dried.

Step 8: If you wish, we can add a special protective treatment to help prevent from future stains.

Step 9: A final once-over ensures that the rug is spotless and in tip-top condition. It’s then rolled and wrapped up for its final leg of the journey…

Step 10: Your revitalized rug is delivered straight back to your door.

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