Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is our primary method when it comes to carpet cleaning. The term is slightly misleading as it doesn’t exactly explain the entirety of the method. The steam cleaning process involves the extraction of hot water to remove stubborn stains, debris and dirt from every inch of the carpet undergoing treatment. Through the use of professional steam-cleaning equipment, we ensure that the water is at exactly the right temperature so as not to damage your carpet.

Once steaming hot, our special organic carpet shampoo comes into the mix. Our professional equipment then works its magic as the brushes sweep across the carpet, working it’s way deep into each and every carpet follicle to loosen any dirt within. Once roughed up, our machine will do another once over to make sure that every millimeter has been thoroughly scrubbed, and to remove any excess water and shampoo from the carpet.

About Our Carpet Cleaning Service

When your carpet is placed in the capable hands of our team, we will ensure that your carpet is left looking as good as new. On top of that, the organic nature of our products means that there is absolutely no risk to your furry friends and children. Once your carpet has been taken care of by our state-of-the-art equipment, you can renew stained and soiled carpets, that would have otherwise degraded quickly. Cleaning your carpet will not only make it appear clean but physically extend the lifespan for years to come, saving you money down the line.

Standard vacuums are great at removing dirt and dust on a surface level, but to remove that deeply embedded century old grime and really bring your carpet back to life, you’ll need the suction power found in our professional equipment to really lift those headstrong stains. With our service, you can simply sit back and relax while we restore your carpet to its original condition.

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