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Here, at Good Guy Rug Cleaning out top priority is making YOU happy. We are known for our insistence on customer satisfaction.


Free estimates are always afforded to our customers as well as the pleasure of knowing the final price of the cleaning before it is started.


Our wide range of services cover most hard and soft surface cleanings. Tile & grout, natural stone and showers, hardwood, carpet and area rug cleaning. We also offer Upholstery Cleaning to sectional sofas, couches, all fabric dining or arm chairs.


Carpet Cleaning  


1) High pressure water jets inject steaming hot water into the        carpet. Dirts, oils and any other carpet contaminants are agitated and  loosened.


2) The wide slot is constantly vacuuming at a high rate of suction to prevent carpets from remaining damp after the cleaning.



Upholstery Cleaning  


Many  sofas, couches, arm chairs, dining chairs and all other fabric furniture do not appear as dirty as carpet may seem for a couple of reasons.


One, seeing  furniture gradually either losing or gaining a shade of color every other week or so is too small a change for most people to notice out of the blue.


Two, the soils that affect a piece of furniture are usually less aggressive than those one may encounter on the bottom of a shoe or foot.


The most important step in a piece of furnitures cleaning, if moderately soiled, is the pre-treatment stage.

A fabric safe green solution is sprayed on to the furniture. A soft bristle brush is then used to loosen all the dirt and oils.


Lastly, the whole sofa is extracted of the buildup using "hot water extraction."



Area Rug Cleaning  


There are two methods to cleaning area rugs:


1) In Home Cleaning: This is a similar process to wall to wall carpet cleaning. However, during the extraction stage there will be a maximum effort put forth to extract any and all remaining water. Naturally the rug will retain some moisture. This is completely normal and rugs usually dry completely within 2 hours.


2) Factory Cleaning: This method of cleaning is highly preferred from a professional standpoint. The rug is taken to the facility equipped with the machinery and manpower needed to restore any area rug to "like new." From the "color safe" solutions used to rinse the rug down to the high temperature dry room, controlled supervision from start to finish is the best way to go.



Tile and Grout Cleaning  


Just like any other surface, ceramic tile, natural stone and the grout in between tile attract can grab on to many different types of soiling.

Cleaning any type of tile or stone without the proper machinery and knowledge  will leave you at square one no matter how hard you try.

Since tile and stone are hard surfaces, the soiling sticking to it must be softened and brushed prior to extraction. Once appropriately agitated the surface can begin its extraction. Special rotating high pressure heated solution is blasted at the tile while simultaneously being vacuumed up removing all soils and leaving the surface looking spectacular. We clean surfaces including, showers, tubs, floors, counter tops, patios, and concrete.



Commercial Office Cleaning  


Your flooring says a lot about the way you run your business. A clean, well-maintained office or storefront can entice clients and encourage productivity. But dirty, dingy floors can make a negative impression on employees and potential customers alike. So if you're looking to improve the look of your commercial interior, come to Good Guy Rug Cleaning. We offer comprehensive commercial carpet cleaning services to businesses of all sizes.



Pet Stain and Odor Removal  



Pet stains and odors can be a tough task to tackle, even for a professional in the cleaning industry. Most bodily fluids can present odors which can linger in the carpet or furniture for months if not cleaned properly. A thorough Urine Removal Treatment requires dousing the affected area with targeted solution treatment to pull the bodily fluids to the surface of the carpet prior to extraction. Once the fluids have seeped upwards to the surface, a technician can effectively extract all that remains.



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